The presence of the traditional dance and song before the contemporary dance in WugulOra was a very powerful representation of Indigenous culture. Your entrance to the Concert (that night) brought amazing energy and life. I hope you saw the highlights of it later in the broadcast. The involvement of Albert and Jahmarley was key to making it a real highlight of the show. The NSW Dept of Education Arts Unit specifically mentioned the positive impact Albert had on their dancers and the Kari kids in leading the choreography for Djapana. By sharing the tribal movements and story of the song, Albert gave every one of the schoolkids confidence and pride in their performance. They had a purpose and they were gonna share it with the country! Jamarley was a revelation (to me, anyway!) and the way that he started Djapana and then played off the amazing showmanship of Sebastian was electrifying to watch. I hope Sebastian and Jahmarley get the chance to perform together many more times in the future.

Alastair Lyall - Department of Premier and Cabinet NSW

Alastair Lyall - Dept of Premier and Cabinet NSW

From first light (on Australia Day) when your team arrived en masse at Barangaroo, through to the smoking performance at the Opera House you delivered on every level.